Sunday, March 15, 2009

Prospect 360

Was an information event for budding fashion journalists held on the weekend.

Not only was it honest and uncensored look into such a cut throat industry it was quite empowering as a woman to be in the company of such successful driven women such as Bronwyn McMahon (Editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine) and Anthea O'Connor (Melbourne editor of Vogue). Not only were they absolutely stunning women, they were eloquent, pragmatic and engaging, and I for one have a serious case of the green eyed guzangas!

Kate Vandermeer, ( another speaker at the event, also has some involvement in new website: It is a new online social networking tool for female Entrepreneurs and definitely worth a look if you are part of an online store, blog, magazine, etc, and a women, or just up for a sticky nose!

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