Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Its a hell of a town..

I am off to the city that never sleeps! I am not actually physically able to contain my excitement!
Thanks to Mr Geoff Dixon (CEO of Qantas for those playing at home) I am going to be quaffing giant Pretzels, booty shakin' in Harlem and lounging in a Four Seasons bath robe (well, for one night!) for only $1,100!! so cheap, you cant afford not to!
I am crashing with my beautiful buddy Bianca in a loft in Brooklyn (OY, Vey!) , who went last year and is destined to not return to the land of Aus.

I will also spending a week cruising from San Fran, to LA, to Las Vegasssss-- get your glitterati on!

If anyone has any must sees, should do's and for god sakes do not go there's-- I would love to hear them!

I will be posting pictorial updates of my adventures when I go!


1 comment:

  1. hey hon! thanks for your email - too sweet of you, means a lot :)

    and OMG SO SO jealous - you are going to new york, not fair! i only wish i had some advice for places to hit up for you..but i have 0 :(

    have the best time! look forward to hearing all about!

    cut to the chase - like to exchange links? must stay in touch xxxx bel