Monday, March 30, 2009

Nick Littlemore

Dear Nick Littlemore,

You're a pretty cute hunk of spunk.


Alligators Apple


My friends tell me I always have strange, unfounded, abstract crushes and this might be one of those but Mr Littlemore is ccccc---ute! He is a member of Empire of the Sun and PNAU and, well, I just think he has rainbows, sunshine and bluebirds surrounding him!


  1. Thanks for following my blog. :)

  2. oh i like i like!! :)

    re - your comment - i am shy to say yes i paid full price! hence why i never have money and am selling my life away on ebay! haha. i know i know recession. i am in it. i have no job :(.
    are you going to get them?!??! intense!

    xxx bel

  3. Yes! Oh I love PNAU & Empire of the sun! Australia has so many talented musicians! =)

  4. their music is fu**ing amaazin
    listen them every day