Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blog Awards!

A very big thank you to lovely Sophie from Diary of a Young Designer who gave me a blog award!
Now I can pass on the award to 15 others!
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My awards go to:
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:) :)
Merry Awardssss

Monday, May 25, 2009

Love Bites

It brand in the US at the moment (well, Miley Cyrus is wearing it, which means a lot of 13 year olds think its uber-cool), Wildfox has released its Love Bits range. Am a big fan of the photo spread---half naked models drinking cans of blood... whats not to like?


I am selling my beloved Sass & Bide 'Lightness of Being' Dress, that is sold out everywhere! It is a size 40 or a 10. RRP is $390 and I am willing to part with for $350, as I only wore it once to a wedding, and it is in imacculate condition!
Will post overseas! Send me an email to ashs_uni@hotmail.com or comment below, for more info on sizes and price!

Sretsis: Metamorphisis

Three sisters that continue to amaze me. I would probably kill a man for some peices in this collection. I might even need to considering the price for some of those pictures reaches over $1,000.
My two faves are probably the Kiki Velvet dress (first pic) and the Blair Bustier dress (last pic), so unique and their attention to detail is unlike any other designers in their feild.

Most of the collection can be pre-ordered for Aussies from Whistles, Pitbull Mansion or York Nior.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chanel for ALL!

When bags, jewels and perfumes just aren't enough for young Karl.... Chanel have now developed branded products for all walks of life:

The eco-conscious:

The Politian on Campaign:
The Australian:

The Drowning:

The Musical:

The Outdoorsman:

The Gnarley:

What we do without Chanel?

'Fashion Chalet' and the Raglan

Once upon a time, fellow blogger, Fashion Chalet bought a Raglan sweatshirt. They went on an adventure and lived happily ever after.
Bonds Raglan $30 (from Big W)

Sydney Androgony

The Sartorialist found an Androgynous little hip stylish person thang in Sydney. Dah-ling, you belong in Melbourne!

Lover of Goth

I know it is a bit of a cop out to post Lover spreads, we all know its great. But I really think Susien Chong and Nic Briand are just exceeding my expectatations and their own talent. They have come a long long way from the days of 1+1 and Altamont. This season has taken on the modern day goth, albeit the dark moody brood of romantic goth that Tallulah does so well. Think: 19th Century Vampire. Complete with long drapes, deep blood velvet, white romantic Victorian frills, capes and lace.

Sink your fangs into it.

Your Hair

I want it

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Improvements: Renee Bargh

Renee Bargh, Channel V Host
From slight bogan skank who was ruled by a stylist:

hahaha... oh dear!

To some damn class... even covering up a little!

Rita Hayworth! You're back!

Think Gamma Phones, Sailors, smoking, Crooners, and “The War is Over” (yayyyy pash a sailor!)

I love this era, and I love love that it is making one hell of a comeback... though most people have not taken notice yet! Goodbye grunge and hello little Lady!

40s inspired looks out on the market:

Silks and satins
The resurgence of gloves (leather, lace, etc)
Hairpieces and headbands, particularly art-deco style with embellishments (ala Gossip Girl) like diamantes, feathers and jewels
Pencil skirts
Covering up with cap sleeves and longer lengths
Trench coats and structured jackets
Mary jane and stacked heels
Lace and lingerie (think WW2 Pin up girls and Dita Von Teese)
Capes and furs

Designers reflecting the 1940s glow: Woodford & Co, Country Road, Lucette, Natasha, Camilla & Marc, Zimmermann and Lisa Ho

I am buying up big on this trend, as it is classic, ladylike and luxxxxeeee

Monday, May 11, 2009

Gary Bigeni (AKA Gaz) and the Art of Draping

I love Gary's flamboyance, so cute! This Aussie designer is not one bound by trends (I mean, look at his socks!?). He is quickly becoming a leader in feminine shapes and silohettes, draping fabrics around a womens body so that is flattering and not bulky. He has a love for cowl necks, drop pants and jersey-- and therefore I have a love for him!

Rock on, Gaz!

Kill the Wabbbittt

I desperately want this stunning Natasha Rabbit Fur Jacket (in the cappucino colourway) from Hoss (RRP $695)

And the cost is not the thing that is deterring me. I feel bad for the poor wabbits. Now don't get me wrong, I eat meat like it's going out of fashion-- but the touch of this luxurious coat reminds me of my poor late blind albino bunny, Fumper and I just do not know if I can do it or not.

My morals usually never get in the way of fashion (I would probably bite you if you picked up the last pair of CL’s on sale in my size) but I think I just may have to leave this one on the shelf... being all stunning and awesome!

Who Am Eye

Local Melbourne boys that are all round nice blokes, friends of mine, and extremely talented.
A lot of Melbourne blogs are gushing over Claude Maus but if you're one of the growing few who are over the Claude Maus gym/dumpster look, not to mention its price tag... then look no further.

The boys recently showed at LMFF Independant Runway solifying their place in the Melbourne street fashion scene.
Some stand outs from A W 09

More of the collection can be viewed at www.whoameye.com.au