Thursday, March 26, 2009

Phoebe Philo

Not only does she have one of the 'poppy-est' names in the industry, but this mother and design extrodinaire has become my latest idol.
Starting as a design assistant for Chole and suceeding the etheral Stella Marcartney as Creative Director, Philo was responsible for the "It bag" epidemic at Chloe; having the Paddington and Edith bags as credits to her name.
She then took some time off to spend with her family and has now been appointed by LVMH as Creative Director of Celine.
Her first collection is Celine Cruise 09, and I will locate some pictures shortly. Until then, I will continue to envy her life!


  1. I love her she is absolutely amazing the things she did during her time at Chloe had an amazing flow through effect through all fashion. I can't wait to see what she does at Celine.

  2. OMG!!!!! I LOVE Phoebe Philo, Chloe just hasn't been the same since she left! Can't wait to see what she does with Celine! :)

    To answer your Q on the Dries wedges, they retailed at US$795, but I managed to find them BNIB for 1/2 price! :) Plan to wear them to death when the weather cools down (and a little even during this semi-summer weather, haha)

  3. i'm curious what she will do for celine, i really miss her in chloe these days...