Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rita Hayworth! You're back!

Think Gamma Phones, Sailors, smoking, Crooners, and “The War is Over” (yayyyy pash a sailor!)

I love this era, and I love love that it is making one hell of a comeback... though most people have not taken notice yet! Goodbye grunge and hello little Lady!

40s inspired looks out on the market:

Silks and satins
The resurgence of gloves (leather, lace, etc)
Hairpieces and headbands, particularly art-deco style with embellishments (ala Gossip Girl) like diamantes, feathers and jewels
Pencil skirts
Covering up with cap sleeves and longer lengths
Trench coats and structured jackets
Mary jane and stacked heels
Lace and lingerie (think WW2 Pin up girls and Dita Von Teese)
Capes and furs

Designers reflecting the 1940s glow: Woodford & Co, Country Road, Lucette, Natasha, Camilla & Marc, Zimmermann and Lisa Ho

I am buying up big on this trend, as it is classic, ladylike and luxxxxeeee


  1. I totally agree! I'm so glad I get to wear headbands for no reason now, lol!


  2. I LOVE everything. Seriously. I am so crazy for the 1940's and their fabulous femininity. I can't wait to invade vintage stores and purchase some 40's fashions. I love that era, so full of grace!!!

    love your blog dawl! xoxox