Monday, May 11, 2009

Gary Bigeni (AKA Gaz) and the Art of Draping

I love Gary's flamboyance, so cute! This Aussie designer is not one bound by trends (I mean, look at his socks!?). He is quickly becoming a leader in feminine shapes and silohettes, draping fabrics around a womens body so that is flattering and not bulky. He has a love for cowl necks, drop pants and jersey-- and therefore I have a love for him!

Rock on, Gaz!


  1. I love that you love Gary

  2. Awesome designer! I love it when designers are down to earth and create what's in their hearts and don't go crazy following trends.

    lovely post!
    btw, yes the headbands are for sale ^-^

    Oh and I'll be adding your blog to my inspiration list soon. =D

  3. He reminds me of Rami Kashou!

    PS: Yes, it was Kennedy.

  4. Yes, very nice clothing!!
    Nice blog.

  5. ohhh i like this...
    im looking for long drapey layers to buy for this winter...

  6. Sorry I never got back to your email about the clothes dear. I ran out of money ><
    Hows the selling going? Those were real nice pieces! Gave you an award love. I think your blog deserves it.

    <3 M

  7. I didn't know this designer but these clothes are cool!