Monday, April 6, 2009

Used to

Remember all the brands you used to think were "designer" and just totally awesome in general. Think when you when you were 13-15.

For my generation it was all about Skechers, Rusty, Doc Martens, Le Freaks, Lee, Stussy, Westco and Supre was just recently on the scene!
And, as time passes, we obviously grow out of each one and move on to the next-- often bigger and better. However, I stumbled across the Insight website and noticed they have some excellent peices, especially for AW 09. Of course, you see a bit of it in General Pants and the like-- but in my opinion, not enough if their stylists are creating such cute ensembles as these!


  1. ha..when i wa sabout 12 i thought anything from a surf shop was jus THE best thing ever...

  2. Oh man I used to think Skechers was sooooooo cooool!! And Bongo jeans!! And for some reason I grew up and now I like Burberry and LV and it's breaking my bank account :S LOL

  3. haha, I still love doc martens
    (and yes, I loved those sketchers you didn't have to tie)
    those tights in the last picture are great though.

  4. loving the piano thingy:)

  5. I think it might be a clutch? heheh

  6. Wow! Those are some amazing pieces!
    Loved the shoes is the 1st pic!

    Oh, btw, thank you for your wonderful comment!
    xx, FV

  7. first of all you cannot be old enough to remember stussy being a big brand because i remember that and i am old. haha. not that old though!

    you should make your pictures bigger and i'll feature you on Holier than Now


    ps if you want to do a link exchange, would love to

  8. Oh the trends i use to wear...They were awful!!! Good thing you get wiser with your wardrobe as you age.

  9. I really like that collection