Monday, April 6, 2009

Bargain Barkins Bargain

Not that I like to share all that much (I had a serious Barbie sharing problem in primary school) but-- this Blazer is only $69.95
Where? Barkins. I have only just discovered them-- is it a Sydney thing? Still in shock by its cheapness. Knits are $29, Singlets $9.95, Skirts $39.95.

Great for the corporate environment which suits me just fine and dandy, as I vehemently dislike spending my hard earned at overpriced brands like Cue for a work wardrobe (would rather buy dumplings and platforms, thanks)

I got the blazer in the mail yesterday and the quality is excellent Really worth a look.


  1. OMG i discovered barkins yesterday too! I got off central and they were giving out these magazines! I LOVE THEM NOW :D

  2. oh i love this cut! i bet it looks awesome on you! looks flattering for sure. good find!

    and thanks for your comments! yes i thought that ring looked familiar! haha have you got yours yet?!??! i knew i saw it on a blog but couldn't remember whos! haha

    thanks for being a lovely lady with your lovely words!

    xxx bel

  3. I had a barbie sharing problem too! Haha i was so protective of them I wouldn't take some out of the boxes! I love that blazer! I am looking for a black that doesn't scream 80's.

    -fashion on edge...

  4. lol i love barkins! when i tell my friends they accuse me of being a granny...oh well more for us ;)