Monday, June 29, 2009

9 days!!!!!!!!!!

I am heading to the fair city of NYC in 9 days (and counting). Here are some shots from my friend who is living there, who I will be staying with!


  1. COOL!! can i go with you? haha!!
    Amazing pictures. my fav: i think the 5┬║, is beautiful. ;)

    Have a good week.

  2. Thats the view from her rooftop!! SO excited!! :)

  3. Have THE best time! New York is where I'm from, so please send it my love!

  4. I am so envious! you are so lucky!!!!! Have the most amazing time, make sure you report back and show us heaps of photos!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments too xxx

  5. You will have so much! I love NYC! I was thinking about making a quick trip this weekend but plans changed :(

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